Younès Rahmoun

Younès Rahmoun was born in 1975 in Tetouan, in Morocco, where he currently lives and works. He studied at the National Fine Arts Institute of the city and set up his workshop, in 1998, in a small room of the family house which later inspired his series of installations Ghorfa.

In an obvious simplicity of materials and forms and whatever the formats (video, installation, performance), Younès Rahmoun evokes a personal universe, intrinsically connected to Sufi thought and practice. He makes them accessible, willing to trigger an exchange, a meeting and a dialogue. A certain number of codes and practices can be found in his work – including repetition, incantation, insistence, concentration, the orientation of his installations towards Mecca, the use of sacred numbers, or the use of green light - which invite the visitor to experience immateriality.

As opposed to cultural and identity remoteness, the concern of Younès Rahmoun manifests itself as the expression of a presence in the world. Between the use of new technologies and the appropriation of techniques resulting from the most local craft, the artist syntheses a context in order to highlight what is related to a specific space/time. Presented on the international scene through several major exhibitions and biennials, such as the Canaries, Pontevedra, Dakar or Singapore Biennials, his work spreads a universal message of intimate and interpersonal communion.