Leila Pazooki

Continuously commuting between the worlds of Iran and Europe, Leila Pazooki mainly explores the concept of „borders“. Working with digital media, video and image editing, Pazooki began her early research by experimenting with visual modifications, challenging the „borders“ of visual work in terms of „acceptabillity“; the „licit“ and the“ illicit“ images.

In her series’ Tehran Fashion and more recently Two Minute Photo, the artist apprehends the borders between the artist and the people who have casually been filmed or photographed in a urban context. Through mutual contemplative observation, she strives to blur what is to be understood as a barrier in inter-human relationships.
Leila Pazooki was born in 1977 in Teheran, Iran and studied painting at the National Art Academy in Tehran after the revolution. She then went to study in Munich at the Academy of Fine Arts and decided to remain for some time in Mexico. She now lives in Berlin where she is currently studying a Master Degree at the Berlin University of Arts.
Leila Pazooki has shown her work in various galleries and museums and notably in Tehran, Berlin, Munich, London, Dubai, Mexico City, Guangzhou,  Shanghai, Hong Kong, New Delhi, San Francisco as well as in New York at the Chelsea Art Museum in the group exhibition "Iran Inside Out" in 2009 and at the ZKM in Karlsruhe, Germany in "The Global Contemporary Art Worlds after 1989" in 2011.