Ahmad Morshedloo

Ahmad Morshedloo carefully composes large-scale oil paintings as well as pen or charcoal drawings woven with meticulous lines and hatchings. He finds his inspiration in observing daily and ordinary scenes around him. His characters are always caught at times of inaction, immobility, reflection or even sleep. The impression of familiarity is then being replaced by strangeness and realism, which serve the purposes of introspection and dramaturgy.

Born in 1973 in Mashhad, in the North-East of Iran, Ahmad Morshedloo studied painting in Teheran, at the Azad University then at the University of Art, from which he graduated in 2001. He now lives and works in Teheran and is a member of the Iranian Painters Organisation (S.I.P.) as well as the 30+ Group.

His work has been extensively shown in Iran since end the 90s, and is now exhibited abroad as part of group shows in museums, like the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, the Berlin Pergamon museum, as well as galleries, in Milan, Beijing, London and New York. Morshedloo has particularly taken part in the 2009 exhibitions “Unveiled: New Art from the Middle East” organized in London by the Saatchi Gallery and “Iran Inside Out” at the Chelsea Art Museum in New York.